What Can I Do to Make My Parents Home More Senior Friendly?

One of the struggles with aging parents is the balance between supporting their continued independence and the worry about keeping them safe. As you work with your parents to help them stay at home as long as possible, there are steps you can take to make their home more senior friendly. Falls can lead to serious injuries like broken hips. The best way to avoid this is to make your parent’s home more senior friendly. Here are five steps you can take.
Make Sure the Stairs Are Safe
As homes get older, the stairs may not be as safe. Check out the handrail that goes along the stairs. If there is not one, install it. Check your outside stairs as well as these may become unattached or weaker if the home settles or due to extreme weather conditions. Check the stairs to make sure they are not slippery. Carpet can become slippery and wooden or tile stairs can also become more slippery. Make sure there is a railing along the stairs to stop any sideways falls off them.
Clean Out the Clutter
Clutter …

Create a Contingency Plan for Falls

A fall for a senior is truly a scary thing. There are the horror stories that you hear about where someone was not discovered in time to receive the help they needed in time. Since falls can happen for many reasons from a trip to losing mobility to a medical emergency, it is important to have a clear plan in place in case of a fall.
Choose a Home Monitoring System
One of the best aspects of a contingency plan for falls is a home monitoring system. The Safety Watch system includes a pendant that can be worn always even while in the shower or bath. There is the option that allows the device to monitor if the person wearing it falls and then the emergency monitoring center can contact to verify if there was a fall and if any help was needed. If there is no answer, then help is sent right away.
Do Regular Check Ins
There may be times when you forget to put on your pendant. It may be when you are changing clothes or when you first get up in the morning. If you were to fall on a day that you fo…

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Test Post from Safety Watch Services